Today I want to share cute handmade stamp design with you guys, and I think a custom design of stamp will be a sweet gift for coming Christmas and some Holiday! Let's check out how she made her beautiful design by her hand.  螢幕快照 2014-11-06 8.04.50 PM

Q: Would you share with us how you started to create your art work?

I used to spend my time at school rather by drawing than by studying, so it kind of forced me to make this my profession.

In 2003 I started my studies at the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts. I joined the illustration class later, and got my diploma in 2010. 

At Academy I was able to learn more abput graphic design, typography, bookbinding, letterpress and printmaking.

My style of drawing was rather delicate, I used thin pens and black ink mainly and loved to work very detailed. Carving stamps allowed me to simplify my pictures.

The material is easier to carve than lino or wood, and I enjoy to still be able to achieve tiny details. The lovely childrens books from my childhood surely form a part in my passion for illustration.



Q: What's the story behind your brand?

I started to sell stamps and cards back in 2007, when I was in Poland with the Erasmus programme during my studies. 

I then felt the need for a nice name and decided for Alinea. It´s a technical term from the manual typesetting, the pilcrow. 

As it also sounded like a nice female name, I went for it. Today many people think it´s my real name, I didn´t expect that developing 7 years ago. 

The Logo shows myself, the design arised while I was doing profile stamps for the whole group of Erasmus students in Poland, including myself.


Q: What is your working schedule like?  

I was told there are two kinds of people: larks and owls. If that´s right, I´m a typical owl. I can work best during the night. 

I ususally start working after 3pm, then work as long, as I feel the need or want to, that can sometimes bring me home after dawn, especially in the summer time.

Working as a freelancing illustrator, I usually ignore sundays and public holidays, I guess that´s custom for us freelancers.


Q: Which type of material do you like to use the most and what's the reason? 

I use paper, stamps (of course), pencils, ink and pen, any kinds of letters fascinate me. I own many many different coloured stamp pads and I love thin leaded pens.

When I´m on holidays I always search the paper shops and try to buy paper, pens and envelopes there.

Q: Where does your inspiration come from? 

I´m mostly inspired by any kind of nice books, animals, pictures, my trips abroad and what I draw in my sketchbooks. 

Usually I use those sketches to then design my stamps and graphics.

I´m also inspired by the orders of my clients. They keep on asking me to do certain graphics for them, so I always face new challenging tasks.

As well I´m inspired by other artists and illustrators: to see good works of others, always makes me feel like running to my own desk and create something nice myself.


Q: Do you remember when you sold your first item and how you felt? 

Yes, I remember that! I was very excited! And I was worried at the same time, cause I wasn´t sure if the client would like it and be statisfied.

It was in 2007 and I sold a name stamp "Conny" with a girl on it. It made me very proud to know, that people like my style and trust my work.




Q: What's the hardest part of your design career? 

The hardest part is definitely the unsure income and the lack of financial secureness. If I get sick or face any other problems, there is nobody who pays my insurances or continues my work.

I don´t feel like I could ever retire and be sure to have enough money to live then. Low paid jobs and disrespectful handlings of copyrights are other problems in the creative sector.


Q: Which part of working do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy lots of my working steps: I enjoy the search for nice types, the first statisfying sketch of a new motif and, of course, the positive feedback of happy customers and others!



Q: What is your next project? 

Right now I´m waiting for two calendars, one wall calendar and one book, to arrive during the next week. I´m already excited how they came out in the print.

Besides that I constantly work on new postcards and will hopefully illustrate my first children´s book next year – crossed fingers!


Q: What kind of books do you like to read, and what kind of music do you like? 

I love to read! I doubt many of you will know the german authors I like most, but I can name some: 

Silke Scheuermann, Georges Simenon, Herbert Rosendorfer, Fredrik Sjöberg, John Irving, Paul Auster, Wolf Haas and many many others.

I enjoy reading magazines and childrens books also. I recommend the childrens books of Pernilla Stalfelt!

Music and radio would always accompany my work time in the studio. Audio dramas are perfect to work along.

Besides that I love to bake cake and cook jam. 


Q: If you were not a designer, what do you think you would be? 

Actually I planned to be a midwive, when I was small! But more likely I would owe a café and offer my cake and cookies there, I guess.



Q:.If young people want to follow the same path as you, what would you suggest? 

I would suggest to stick to your dreams and do the job, you love! Never sell your work too cheap. Always try to be original, never copy others, but try to find your own style.




Q: Is there anything you want to share with us? 

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