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​ 5 Reason Why I starting interview artist / designer

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1. Love to share:

just like when you find a good restaurant, you want to tell all the people you know, even bring them to go next time. Exactly when I see a beautiful design.

2.Lot of designer don't know how to promote themselves :

l learn fashion design, back them I only know to focus on doing the best design I can, and think one day maybe I get lucky, some magazine or tv will find out about me. But I'm not that lucky case, I don't know how to tell and show my design to others, that's actually a lot of designer problem, we know how to design, but don't know how to find people to appreciate them.

kaboompics.com_Girl reading a newspaper

3. love the story behind the scene:

Every single design have their story, we just probably didn't notice it, some designer try to improve other people's life, some just fall in love with design since baby born, want to create some special thing for them, someone just try to keep part of memories of living in their art, we wouldn't know what's the story if we didn't try to discover them.

4.It's my nature:

It's part of my passion to find beautiful work, they give me lot of fun and inspiration, I have bunch of pin board on the Pinterest, I'm don't like to only focus one kind of design, even I learn fashion, I like to search more, and I find out I get lot of thought from nature and home decor design.

5.I want to….. : 

Because all the interview, I want more people see the art, and let artist and designer keep making beautiful things to the word. Thanks for all of them to show how passion they love their job and life.