10 Gift Idea For Woman She Will Love

They said it's hard for buying a present for woman, I'm totally agree even I'm a woman too. But today want to give you guys a liitle gift list you can think about or start with, then the hard part is going to buy them (Kidding!

1. Perfume

A nice smell bring you a nice emotion, and good memories, nature scents are recommend for all kind of woman.








2. Bags

Who don't like bags? If I not a big shopper, still love bag, we seens like can live with out only one bag.






3. Books

I love to read, I always think books are great gift for anyone, maybe consider hard cover version, it can be great for decoration in the house.

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Signature necklace gift, small and elegant looking will fit any kind of outfit she have.








5. Custom gift

Make her feel special and only one is make your present unique and meaningful.









6. Hat

Knit hat is great for Christmas season, but you can consider other material would fit more like any kind of season aslo.











7. Book her favorite restaurant

Have a great food is like a valentine gift, just instead of chocolate to a great fabulious meal!!









8. Take a trip

Book one people or two together have a trip is a nice present for both of you two, just enjoy time together without work and other distractions.








9. Special video

For tight budget or you can't think of anything to get, why don't you gather around some picture to make it a video (Have lot of software can help you with that) and type your specail feeling on it, it will be really touching!!








10. Make her feel like princess

Do what ever she ask you do (if it's reasonable and good things!) make her feel specail is your job for today! (and other day also, haha 

Just remember don't buy the weight scale for woman, you are definitely in big trouble, beside that you might be half save! Haha

# Picture from: Product picture from the original designer, and the rest from deathtostock.