13 Tools for sewing your handmade project

These are the sewing tools you must need when you start any handmade sewing project, check it out and get them all set!

1. Sewing Machine

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How can you miss this, right? Otherwise, hand sew might take the month to finished the project.

2. Ruler

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To check on the length and seam allowance also, in Taiwan usually come with cm but here I saw inch more them others.

3. Needle

sewing needle
It's better to prepare 3~4 needles, sometimes it brake when you sew some think fabric, then you have back up.

4. Thread

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White and black one must have, and get couple different color you use more often in the sewing tool box, if you are beginner, it's good to have like whole set of different color of thread, then you will figure out which color you use most, then just get those more next time.

5. Fabric

linen fabric
Are you cut the piece already? Good! Let's get started!

6. Fabric scissor

fabric sccessor
Make cutting fabric so much easier and faster, make sure don't use this scissor to cut others beside fabric.

7. Thread scissor

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I don't like the threads leave out so much, some people like to fix it after all the work, but I like to keep it clean all the time.

8. Sewing Model / Dressmaker

dressmaker 螢幕快照 2015-11-02 10.11.54 PM
If you are making clothes, this will help you a lot to see how the dress/shirt fit on, so you don't need to put it on yourself each time.
But if you making a small accessories or bag them it's not a necessary to have it

9. Iron Machine 

iron machine
Make the project look even better, you don't want it to look so wrinkly right?

10. Iron Pad

iron pad 螢幕快照 2015-11-02 10.26.08 PM
It's okay to iron on some table if you don't have a budget for it, but Iron pad makes the iron job so much easier, and some ankle actually help little detail of your sewing job.

11. Pins

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To help you keep two pieces pattern together, and can stay in the right position make so much easier to finish the work.

12. Sewing Bobbin 

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I ususally have about dozen, because I have too many differents colors of thread, and I like have second one ready, something you lost them too, they just saw small and hard to find when you have bunch of mess around.

13. Seam Ripper

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Sew somthing wrong, this tool help you much easier take down the sewing part and re start again!

If you have any question, leave it in the comment below, I will response you shortly.

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