4 Reason why I start design

Thinking back to my teenage life, I'm was pretty sure I want to go design school after my graduated, something inside just keep pulling me to that direction, and I never look back, I feel I made my best choose ever! And now I finally figure out some of the reason make me stay in design for so long, it's not something word peace (even I really wish) or some cheazy stuff, don't you worry about it.

1. Create something beautiful (or the opposite)

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Who doen't like pretty stuff, create some thing beautiful to fit on you, house, dress,  and more….

2. Improve life

High technology is improve our life a lot, to make our life easier and save time.

3. Enjoy all the process

From a simple idea to grow something bigger to make them happen is fun process also frustration.

kaboompics.com_Girl reading a newspaper

4. Accomplish 

It take time to finished something amaing, and if we finished we feel accomplish, don't you also?

And why do you like to design about, leave us comment below to tell us.