4 Screen printing book I recommend!

I've been play and use screen printing about more than year! it's kind of messy, but I love the magic make plain fabric or shirt turn out cute design! It's take time and patient to learn it, but once you get it to screen print, I think you won't let go! 

Here's the book I want to recommed people start to learn screen print or want get some idea of it! I get them all second which is good deal!!

1. Printing by hand

照片 1-1 照片 1-2 照片 1

Love this book and design, they start with simple printing by stamp, stencils then silk screens. got a lot of nature design if you are a big fan of that, Show you couple way to start your screen print!  In the back of the book include template so you can use their design if you haven't have thought yet!

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2. Fabric design

照片 3-1

照片 4-1


照片 5




If you are graphic designer, texture designer or just like to collect beautiful fabric? This book is like heaven to me, they teach you how to design your pattern from Photoshop and Illustrator, and even teach you to know some of the fabric you can work on sceen print, Beside that have lot of designer share their tips for design texture. Lot of information, it's totally worthly!

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3. The printing pattern

照片 3-2

照片 4-2照片 4

I love the design in this book, but if you prepare see the picture more than the word, then I will recommend this one! Have couple cool project on bags, pillows, skirts, pants, towel, sofa and more! Same thing they include some template in the back you can start with.

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4. Design your own tees.

照片 2照片 3

I got this one from my husband, gift I got, actually I did T-shirt design a lot before I move to Texas. If you like to start your own T-shirt design, this book is really easy to understand and follow. Show you different ways to print on your design. Include some template in the back you can play with in the begining!

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