4 Ways To Get Great Logo For Cheap

Not most of designer and artist know how to create a Logo, you think Logo just looks so easy and want to create by yourself, it's great! But Logo is not you think that easy, it's need to combine your brands identity and cuture your brand have and lot more, and how to create a good one people can remember in the first sight and think related to you, that's the hard part.

Ok, so if you learn some graphic design already, you might can make it your own, but if you not, here's some place you can get a good Logo for Cheap. 

Here we start

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1. fiverr

It's only cost $5 Dollars? What!? it's not a scam, it's real. Come on $5 dollar can save you so much pain and time.

And they not only have Logo design, they have lot more, ebook cover, copywritting, song writting and make AD also, some of might cost more, but it's definitely worth to check it.


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2. 99 Design

If you prefer like send out a project, and have more than 20 designer work on it, later you will receive 50 desigm, and you can choose the best one fit for your brand, then you can check on 99 design, it's looks great.

it's cost $299 dollar for 50 design, it's still pretty good deal.


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3. Etsy 

If you own a Etsy store, you need some one help you make a banner, then here have lot of source can find some one help you out with good price. Just serach Logo design or banner design.


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I find this one on google serach engine, the site looks easy and nice, some of their work looks pretty good, that why I want share with you here.

If you have any good Logo service, leave us comment here, then we can add it on the list for other.