Hi, I want share some of blogger I love, and I subscribe thier newsletter and check on them sometime. And I think you will love it also.

If you have some blog you like to share with us, please tell us in the comment, I will be love to check on!

1. Design Sponge

Love the interior design, small handmade project can change your whole house. Updated everyday. 

Beside too much add by the side, I'm really enjoy this.

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2. A Beautiful Mess

Find it from a magazine, the blogger just publish their new book of "A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home" and the other book they made is "A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book"

Love the picture they take, just so beautiful and inspire me so much.

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3. Oh my handmade

I love their graphic design, if you are handmade designer and must check on this site, you can learn a lot from it, also they have community can join, I didn't join, but still like the information they provide.

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4. Mollie makes

One of my favorite magazine, find lot of cool DIY project and some free pattern to download.

They from UK, but you can get digital magazine from Apple or Zino.

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5. Print & pattern

If you know me a while, then you would know I'm love pattern design a lot, have couple time I saw the fabric I love, and I can't help myself to buy it all, just worried one day might be gone, or other people buy it. Turn out my apartment don't have any place to stock them, and finally I getting better to not get it all.

Love their blog setting, design, simple and easy to read, if you are a texture designer or graphic designer, here's good source you should keep in your mind.

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# Feature photo from Deathtothestockphoto


Author: Ruby