Hi there, if you enjoy to sewing, or making your own bags, pillows or anything, you should join us, because not only this five patterns are free now, everymonth we are going to release free pattern if you join us. come check out this!

After download the patterns, if you don't know how to print them, check on this post! This will help you get start it.


1. Small Tote Bag

small totebag picThis tote bag is great size for woman or kid, you can carry books or tools, even is good for picnic, really useful and strong.











2, Cute Cat Shape Pillow

car pillow For all the cat lover, they are just to cute and want to see them everywhere.







3. Square Pillow without zipper

p-2 I like to change pillow case sometime, you need to clean it, but other is can change the view of your house by change the pillow case. but I don't like to sew zipper, if you like me, now this will save you.






4. Custom your own size pillow case

p-3 Want to make your own size pillow case? It's not hard, just check this one out!







5. 3D heart shape banner

B8 Great and cheap decoration for your house or party, and easy to make, you will love it when they hang on the wall.


Don't fogot to join us, so you will get FREE PATTERN regularly, and some good inspriation from all the artist

Author: Ruby