5 Reason why you should start sewing!

Why we start sewing? I think sewing hobby is something hard to get rid of, once you fall in love, then you won't get out! Here's why!

1. It's have a lot of fun

Cutting, match them together, it's sort of feel like a kid again, mess out the table and play with my machine!


2. Feel accomplish

Everytime start a new project, I just can't wait to be done! I want to try to put it on to see how it fit, If they turn out good, I will feel prond of myself done the work, and think something new I can work on!


3.  Custom your design

It's easy to buy thing from store, but something you just think it's not good enough or not match with your home or outfit, if you know how to sew, then we can get perfect design and work by ourself!

螢幕快照 2015-01-19 9.30.36 PM

4. It's like adventure

Since when I learn how to hand sew when I was kid, so I start to learn different kind of material, machine, new sewing tip for future project, it's like a big adventure toward you to a brand new life!


5. New skill

It's a really really useful skill and you can share with people they interested in and talk about it. Maybe even get the job you like aslo, have all the possibiltiy!


What about you? What's the reason bring you start the journey of sewing? Leave a comment share with us!

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