5 thing to be romantic on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day is just right near by corner, if you haven't have any thought for your girlfirend or boyfriend yet, then maybe this will help you get started.

1. Cook a nice meal

Enjoy just you and two time, don't get in the crowd and noise in the restaurant, and you can save money for the tips also.

You can find some recipe from allrecipe, find the one will you both would like. (be sure make it taste good before the day come, )

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2. Make a lovely personal coupon

FInd a pretty paper at Hobby Lobby and make them in the same size, and staple them together, it's a secret gift he/ she won't get it from any other places.

(Example : Massage, KIsses, Dance….xxoo ) You can get it from here.










3. Take a bath together

Wash each other's hair and back, a little massage and little chat in the hot bath, can't be more happier! 

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4. Go to pub

Feel young again, join all the young group dancing and yelling, fall in the music, shake out all the worries and stress in the air, let just focus on now and us. (Just don't get too drunk and lose yourself.)








5. Write a love letter

I know what you thinking, you think it's too old school. Yes it is, but it's romantic, express the feeling of yourself to other will help you increase your relationship.