5 Tote bag pattern you can make in a hour

Tote bag is the best way to start learn sewing, aslo great project for weekend to do!

Now I'm going share with y'all all this tote bag pattern, you can downlaod and start making easily.


One project about 1 yard of canvas 

Sewing machine and some thread

And some time.

How long it take : About 1 hour ~ 1hour and half.


1. Small tote bag

Can fit with cell phone, wallet, and a drink, don't want to carry that much to go out, this is your best choose.












2. Shoulder tote bag

Take a walk with dog or just hangout with friends, it's easy and get alone with lot of style.












3. Big canvas tote bag

Good for take a trip and go the beach to enjoy the sun.












4. Hand bag

Elegant and nice to carry to some place, one bad thing is not that good with heavy stuff.












5. Big tote bag 

This one is good for carry heavy stuff, like i need to bring my lap top to some place, and I will choose to take this one, the handle can hold on more weight than others.


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