If you like make some art on fabric, like screen print or stitich those kind of thing, then I think you will like fabric dye also, it's not that easy to control what you make in the begining, but it's kind of messy with lot of fun!

Check out those artist art work, you can click the title to link back the original designer!

1. Natural Dyes on Salt Spring

The color from the nature just so beautiful!


2. Shibori diy

This is really good blog post, including lot of tutorial, and beautiful design you will love. Don't miss this one!


3. Baby shirt Dye

Including all the tutorial, I will suggest use nature vegetable or grass to get the color to dye fabric, and choose oragnic fruit and cotton will be better


4. Nature color dye

All the source just around you, and we miss it all the time, here's the list you can get start with!


5. Natural flower dyes and silk scarves from cara marie piazza

I love this use flower to fold it inside to dye, it''s like a surprise each time when you open it.


And I want to share some of my work when I organize my picture, stay tuned!

Picture from: Pinterest!

Author: Ruby