Hi there, today I want to share little tips about dye your own fabric, it's fun, but kind of messy, do you get our work outfit ready?

I did this when I was third grade of fashion design college, kind of feel like share a little note to you.

Tool to prepare


1. Bucket

2. Unbleash cotton or linen

3. Color dye

4. Salt 

5. Rubber band

6. Wood stick (optional)

Start Now

1. To make your fabric looks better and get more color in your fabric, you can't miss this step, sometime I just get lazy miss this one, then find out don't look so good.

Cooking your fabric in the hot water to get filled cloth out, that how you feel kind of think when you buying new fabric, but after couple time you wash it, getting softer and softer.


I will suggerst after boiling, turn to small and stay 5~8 minutes.

2. Get Bleach and Water ready 1 :  9

If you like the unbleach that nature looking ,than you can skip this step. But some of people don't like the little dot on the fabric, then you can use bleach to help out.

Suggest time: 30 minutes ~ 1 hours


3. Tie your design

You can use stick or rubber band to make simple design, get some insipration here.


4. Now it's party is on

Ok! Get your dye ready with really hot water, and just put your fabric in, it's better the water can cover all the fabric, I will use some water bottle to keep the weight, so they will stay in, and turn them over every 30 ~40 mintes.

If you dye really big peice of fabric, you need to take out, check on folding inside can get dye or not, if is not, then turn them over, more lose on fabric is better,

照片 3-1

5. Wash out

If you think you fabric is ready, I like kind of reach color, so I ususally sink them one day before I wash it out. Use cold water first, when you see water color don't have so much dye, then you can change use warm water to wash them again.

6. hang it

Hang it to let them nature dry,then you done!

IMG_8637 IMG_8636 IMG_8635

Author: Ruby