6 step to find your perfect sewing machine!

Back to when I was junior high  school, I start to love making things, we have a big commercial sewing machine in the house, it’s giant too big and too fast to me,  so I kind of scared to use that, so I use to sew most time, but take so much time and my finger getting hurt, then I decide to buy a sewing machine for my own. But that time I only have $30 dollars US (NT 900 dollars in Taiwan) I can’t afford a brand new one, so I try to find a second hand, then I got a great deal from bidding website, only cost me $50 dollars (NT 1500 dollars in Taiwan) including shipping fee. and I talk to my sister borrow some money from her (Thank you so much sis ), then I pay for it, and just too exciting to see MY OWN SEWING MACHINE.  


(There is  my first sewing machine, other serger machines I get it much later when I in fashion design college.)

Even back to that time, I don’t know how to choose the sewing machine, but been through school and all my classmate experience, I organize this is to help you find your perfect sewing machine!

1. Brand

I will definitely recommend the big brand, the same thing you going to choose your oven or another thing you want them last longer.  The big brand usually cost more but have better customer service, and better guarantee, I will rather spend a little more to get a great machine and I can use 10 or more year, then save maybe 40 dollars, and then they break in 2 years. that means I’m going spend more to get a new one.

My first singer sewing machine it’s from a fashion design school student. when I get it probably already 4~5 years old (college 4 years), and I start to use them when I 9 or 10 grade till now, so that machine is definitely more than 10 years old, and I only have couple time have problem with it, and it’s really easy to get tools fix it, and not that expensive, I will say it’s totally worth that price.

2. Use

What are you going to make? Canvas bag? Jeans? curtain or something thinks and heavy? Then I will recommend heavy duty or commercial sewing machine for that.

If you only prefer to making some small stuff, thin clothes, dress, accessories, then normal and basic kind will be good for you.

If you not sure what you going to get, like me I sew clothes most time, but I think I can make some canvas bag, or fix my jeans something, then I will choose heavy duty one instead basic one.

One question is if you like to do embroidery design or work I will recommend getting a separate machine for that, a special embroidery machine for that. Just think about you get a beauty cream they say they are good for keep young, less wrinkle, some like wow I get a great deal on that, but that also mean each function are just normal not great!

If you sew more and want a little bit of embroidery, that will be okay, but if you want specially work on sewing and embroidery, get a separate special machine for that will be better.

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3. What special they have?

I like most simple and easy to use especially, singer machine has really simple direction on, so I didn’t even check the manual, I just start to figure out by myself.

Personally, I like the drop in bobbin only, it’s much easier and quick to put it back in, because every single time when I sew, it’s a giant mess in the room, something I drop them, and I got to find them. And they are kind of easy get jam if you don’t put it right spot. 

And less thing you need to buy can save you money, plastic drop-in bobbins are really cheap and easy to get.

Stitch design is not I so concern about, I make clothes most of the time, usually just straight line, besides I need some special design on top, but doesn’t happen so often, it’s nice to have, but not necessary.

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4. Is easy to get the accessories for a machine?

Now think about 5 years later you sewing machine some part is broken, is easy to get the fix? and how much it will cost you?

I like traditional kind turning to change stitch design more than LCD screen, it’s cool have LCD screen, but when they break, usually cost much more to fix.

And back to the first one I say, usually big company have better customer service and guarantee, that will really help out this time. 

5. Is it hard to find the source online or local ?

Okay! That pretend you finally got your dream sewing machine, and you find out manual information is not really so helping, can you find some teaching resources on google, youtube or site? If it’s hard to find them online, will be a little bit hard to take some local sewing class also, if you want to join a group learns and sew together.

6. Design

The last thing I will think about its design, I didn’t mean design for easy to use and good looking is not necessary. But sewing machine is more like the tool to help you sewing work, not a decoration, even I really love the vintage special edition one, they might work great, and look good if you have the budget for it.

I think I will save that money to get the beautiful fabric to make our cool design, don’t you think it more worthy?

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Here’s a list I will get if I’m going to get a sewing machine…..

It’s an affiliate link, so I will get a tiny fee if you buy through this link, also you can just check on Amazon or other sites.

For Beginner

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For want to be great at sewing and be pro

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For professional sewing and embroidery

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Here review of brother sewing machine!