7 Best place to sell your design and Art work!

I like to make lot of little craft stuff with my mom since Im a little girl, back that time internet it's not that popular, and when I grow up to high school, I saw lot of talent designer start to sell their beautiful art work in the art market and some on Internet.

I'm join art market before back to Taiwan, sometime is great but when bad whether come out, it's really sucks! The best time and most comfortable time is Spring and Fall, beside that time it's really hard! I'm only can said that.

So Thank GOD someone invent internet and you can sell your art work anytime, anywhere and International!

Let's get start it, shall me?

1. Etsy

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Most famous place designer and artist sell their amazing design here, and have lot of source and community you can join, find some people just like you, have same hobby and subject you can talk about!

#Cost: Each item listing on Etsy costs $0.20 USD when the listing is published. A listing lasts for four months or until the item is sold. Once a sale occurs, we assess a 3.5% transaction fee on the item's sale price.

# Tip: Find tips for running your Etsy shop in the Seller Handbook and in the Etsy Success newsletter.

#Connect with a supportive community of sellers by joining a team or attending a workshop.

2. Your BLOG

Don't tell me you don't have blog, no matter you are a designer or some kind expert, YOU NEED A BLOG TO SHARE WHAT YOU LOVE!

But don't just put all the product to sell on your blog, share how you made it, where your inspiration come from, and your process of your art work, make reader feel more close to you, just like a friend. Find a way to bring traffic is stuff thing, so I would recommend you to sell your design other place also, so they might have chance to reach you back to your blog!

3. Threadless

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If you are a talent graphic designer, here's good place to show your art work, but games work on differently here is you post your design and all the other designer, customer would score your design and then system (or threadless team) would choose print or not. If your design get print, you can get $250 USD threadless gift code and 20% off  royalties based on net profits, paid on a monthly basis!

## They have different challenge all the time, the prize is higher, is around 2K + other prizes! (might change, better check on their website!)

Good thing is you don't need to print your own design, worry about stuck, size , color, shipping problem, because they take care of it, Bad thing is need to be good enough to get print other wise you get nothing( emm…you would get some comment of you design and maybe some attention 🙂 )

It's all depend on you, I try about 10 times haven't get print yet, maybe I'm not good enough, so sad 🙁 haha.


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One thing i like about society 6, they have variety product like T-shirt, Hoodie, pillow case, paint, phone case, pillow case, tote bag, coffee mug, clock do I need to go on, more detail you can go their site, and also they make it for you, shipping for you, so you just need to focus on your design, they take care of rest! I guess it's not only one thing I like about it.

So pretty much you got nothing to lose and worry about it, just try it!


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Same things here, you work on your design they shipping for you, and of course you want to know how much I can make from that, check here have more detail, then you can decide to go on!

6. Zazzle

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They got T-shirt for sure and mugs,business card, postcard, sticker, invitation, cards, button, hat and postage and more , they might make some more, and you also can build a store to sell your design.

I think I will give it a try.

7. creativemarket

You can sell Photo, template, graphic ,theme and add on, you can get 70% for your design, but the design you sell on there, can't sell to other place, so they can promote your design.

Get invite to sell here

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