8 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be a designer or artist

Hey guys last post I'm talking about thing you need to prepare before you jump in to design school or career right? If you haven't see that post yet, go check on here today I want to share the total opposite things is why it rock to be a designer, do I give you light up to be designer yet? Hope your passion still there, Let check it out:

screen1. We can make beautful things

We are train to make beautiful design to help people or customer, and we like to do nice things to our life also, so we like to decorate our house or design what you wear, use or eat, it's turn to nature for us, we like to make the most beautiful things as we can.

2. Got a interstesting life

Yep! We always need to find some thing to inspire us to make creative product and design, that's why we like to make life interesting, becuase what it souround us is how we make things. 

You can join some designer group online or local, and they have some event to gather all designer/ artist together, and you can make friends their and find out other interestesting life people have.

P73. You are creative

Sometime we think cool stuff people never think about, and say something quite crazy, but we are creative, and make life better and interesting.

4. Unique friends

We have some special friend like what we do, easy way to say it is we have some weird and specail friend, because we are the same way too. 

W35. Different kind of humor

Ok, maybe some people don't think our jokes are funny, but someone will get it, and normally we can get joke about (not our design so much 🙂  and have a good time with.

6. We do what we passion about

Luckly we can choose the think we passion about, and we are so enjoy the thing we are working on, that why make our life we so powerful and meaning something to us.

7. Our job is fun

Most of time is fun, specially is when we find good idea and accomplish the project, but we probably didn't tell you how many thing we suffer from (haha).

148179_517314224955089_1028508815_n8. We are good company

Yeah! We are fun and good company with, if you have bad day, when we show up you probably won't feel that bad(kidding), but we can help you thinking in the bright side.

What eles you think is cool to be a designer? Share with us in the comment here!