Animal postcard help out for homeless dog.

Start this project the first idea is would be a great thing is when you write a postcard to your friends or family, also can help out homeless animal would be amazing! so I start to design doggy graphic postcard first to see how it goes.

Our postcard income  will donate 50% to animal shelter, to help them not starve and more chance to live.

I will be happy Animal shelter can work together, like people donate to certain fee, than can get a set postcard, if any organizations are interest in this project, also I would love to help animal shelter or charity for illustration if anyone,  I will be happy to hear from you.

Here's my Email:

Thank you!


I will take care of you forever.



I try to learn how to understand human language, then i can help out my owner all the time.


Want to make you happy

I want to do anything to make you happy.


Watching star with you

I enjoy to watching beautiful view with you, it’s most beautiful happiest thing in the world.


Sweet home

Had you place, it’s all my home.


Take a trip

I like had a trip with you, hoping one day i can take you to show you the view i enjoyed.


Had a meal

I like eat meal with you, all the food turn more delicious with you.


Miss you

I miss you. wondering you try to find me, miss you and sweet home.

Bag design

43 47 49 50

51 55

▲8 for set include cotton handle bag. (Half of proceeds donate to animal shelter)

▲Doggy postcard 8 for set. (Half of proceeds donate to animal shelter)

Thank you for your support.

▲:::::About Wholulu:::::▲

We like to draw some animals because we had one little cutie poodle, Popcorn and a naughty cat, Pumpkin, they are the best things in my life.
They brought so much joy to us, so I love to draw them down and print on shirt, to show how much I love them!

Also I love to draw planet and nature thing, because I thing nature is so beautiful and every time I went to hiking, I got so much energy from the nature.

I love to draw thing I saw so beautiful, things bring me so much joy and things gave me energy, I hoping one day my drawing to print on shirt can also bring you joy, energy and beautiful. : )

Ps: We support animal adoption!
Every animal drawing, panting sell, we would donate 10% to the animal organizations, the receipt we would put on our fans page, thanks for all your join.