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7 Website designer should check

I know you like to surfing on the internet a lot just like all the other, but some of site is all the designer should check regularly and will help you a lot. Make sure you save them all to your favorite list, trust me they are woth it! 1. Behance You should have one […]

Beautiful Night Light Collection from SturlesiDesign

Night light is our good company when we go the sleep, but this night light is even better, I really love the animal design collection, specaily when they light up in the dark. It' s a warm and creative design for the night light I have seen. And I'm glad designer Amit  Sturlesi willing to share […]

8 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be a designer or artist

Hey guys last post I'm talking about thing you need to prepare before you jump in to design school or career right? If you haven't see that post yet, go check on here today I want to share the total opposite things is why it rock to be a designer, do I give you light up to be […]

Wood design from Hitonar

I think I love wood so much because my dad, my dad like to make tea on the nature wood table set and making tradtional chinese tea when I was little, and the nature tea smell and the wood texture always around me, it's a warm memories for all the time. I guess that's the […]

Interview with Paper Panda

I follow their beautiful work on facebook for a while, I love their paper design have so many amazing detail in it, I can't even done it. Finally one day I brave enought to talk to them, can I have chance to interview them and share their incrediable work to you guys . And they are so […]

4 Ways To Get Great Logo For Cheap

Not most of designer and artist know how to create a Logo, you think Logo just looks so easy and want to create by yourself, it's great! But Logo is not you think that easy, it's need to combine your brands identity and cuture your brand have and lot more, and how to create a […]


Like a fairy tale, Story of Pái&Péar

When I find Pái&Péar on Etsy store, I love the color and the graphic she made, it's just looks so peaceful and feel like I'm in a story of fairy tale, lot of cute and special animals and people around me. I feel like start a journey with her beautiful design. How she make it? and […]