6 Best Place To Learn Sewing Online

The internet is like a new to me, I learn so much browse online each single day. A lot of people have a designer dream (so do I, that's why I major in Fashion design) but what if you have a full-time job, 4 kids at home or some other things keep you busy, but inside of you just want to learn to sew and hard to resist that calling. Then thanks for the Internet, they make so many things to possible.

You will ask that's not the same like actual class, one by one teaching, of course, is not. There's no teacher will answer your question, and tell you-you doing a good job or some part is wrong.

But don't forget the good things of learning online, you can start whenever you feel like it, you can just wear pajamas to learn no one will judge you, and you are one step ahead of another starter'

Ok, here we go.


you can learn how to make your pattern also, have the bunch of classes, if you are a beginner, I will recommend small project first. Accessories, a bag of the skirt.

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Honestly, you can even learn how to fix your pump on YouTube, so sewing is not a weird thing to see there. But just need to find good quality video and teaching skill. And it's free so I shouldn't complain.

Check out this channel: Made to sew

3. Colette

Beautiful project, dress and more. Join their email list, you will get sewing tips each month, learn small thing each single month of sewing! 

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4. Tilly and the buttons.

I love their site, really cute and clean out layout is like a breath of air.  Author publish her own book also, you can get it from Amazon. Most of project pretty easy to start with.

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5. Creativebug

You can have 1 free class for 14 days free trial, after that have $4.95 plan you can learn a lot more. Price is really reasonable to compare to lot pf site, so why don't give them a shot?

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And HERE! We are plan having an online course for sewing, pattern and lot more, sign up here we will let you be the first one to know!

6. Professor Pincushion (Add it on Nov 16th, 2014)

A great resource I find out recently, start from beginning and lot of good video and content you need to check out!

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