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When I was five, my mom would go shop some cute fabric to make dress for me and my sister, and we just sit around her and play with the extra material, and of course make a giant mess ( <—kind of mine specialty ) Even till I’m 27 now I remember all this in my mind, I have so much fun back then. I guess that why I love Handmade so much because I grow up with DIY environment,

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Today I want to share with you all this beautiful magazine bring me smile (and hungry at the same time) from Japean.

They have a lot of food picture and recipes, I wish I can try to make them, but I can't understand Japanese, so I just going to picture my self those food is on my table. 🙂

Here's their blog you will be enjoy:  

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I am going to appreciate my little to angel, my daughter, Popcorn and my son, Pumpkin.

Thank you all for bring me such joy. (including some trouble also : )

And all the inspiration you all give to me, and teach me be even better.

I love you all forever and ever.









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