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Happy 100 day—26 learn NEW things

Happy 100 day—26 learn NEW things Learn some thing like instrument, painting, knitting or something you want for a long time! Learn new things is hard, and challenge, but fun (when you get it. 🙂 When you really focus on something then you forgot all your worries. Then one day you find out that is […]


HAPPY 100 DAY—21 Read

  ▲▲▲::HAPPY 100 DAY—21  ▲▲▲ Read Read a book by your own sometime is most enjoyable things in the world, you are just like a director, got a play and can design all the detail, you got your own secret movie inside your brain, some scene make you laugh so hard, some part make you cry […]


HAPPY 100 DAY—20 Release your bad mood.

▲▲▲::HAPPY 100 DAY—20  ▲▲▲ Release your bad mood. Who don't have bad time? We all have. But the important part is how your deal with it? You can try talk to your friend, family, or go play some game, find a good hobby to release your bad mood. We just like a normal people , all […]


HAPPY 100 DAY—17 Make food for people you love

▲ HAPPY 100 DAY—17 Make food for people you love ▲ Make some food for people you love, It doesn't matter you know how to cook or not, you can just start like easy meal first, like salad, spaghetti or fried rice. Go buy ingredients by your own and make it like a surprise to you love. No matter […]