▲ HAPPY 100 DAY—16 Not afraid get hurt ▲

One perfect pose on the stage, looks so beautiful, elegant and grateful.

All the audiences are stand up clap their hands.

But we didn't know behind that perfect posture have long long story….

Don't be afraid get hurt , fail , fall down all the time,

Just tell the people who judge about what you do.

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Happy 100 day —15 Relax

We've been working pretty much all time, not just work only, including family and friends.

We use computer, ipad, and smart phone all the time like drug to us.

And then we have eyes pain, shoulder sour and a lot of other problem.

Don't forgot you are not a robot, should take a rest about every hour,

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Happy 100 day —14 Create new you!

Put the past behind, give yourself 15 minutes per day, talk you your own mind.

If you have bad day, it's already happen, let create a bright future tomorrow!


Happy 100 day —14 創造新的自己


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loveHappy 100 day —13 Love yourself

You’ve been busy to love your family, your friends, your job and your career.

Did you for got something?

You forgot to eat meal on time,

your forgot to take a break when you back so pain,

you forgot to be nice to yourself when you feel frustrated.

and then……

You forgot to love yourself.

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HAPPY 100 DAY—12  DIY your life

Our life like big version of DIY closet, after we bought it from store, then work start it on.

We need so tool to make it.  (Like passion、brave…..)

some time we don't know how to start it, so we check manual to figure out. (Like so wise book)

sometime we make it half, and then find out we put it opposite.

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HAPPY 100 DAY–11 Talk to yourself.

We are working for 8 hours up, be with boss, coworker, and customer, trying to be perfect boss or perfect good employee.

Then when we get home be with family or roommate, we try to tell them what is going on today, or listen their story.

Pretty most half day we are been with someone (beside sleeping) but not our own,

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Happy 100 day— Day 10 Smile power

Keep smile on your face, let happiness come find you.

Easy can tell some people is easy to make friends, some not.

But do you find out most those people have some special power let other attract to them?

I think is smile and friendly atmosphere.

Start practice your smile in front of mirror make it nature for you, and see those beautiful things happen around you.

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Happy 100 Day — 8  Compliment yourself!

We usually forgot to compliment ourself when we do something amazing,

We can start from a little things first to give ourself more confident

Like wake up early, finish work on time, do a exercise today.

「You do a good job!」

Who wont like that?




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