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6 day

Happy 100 Day — 6 Work out!

Happy 100 Day – 6 Work out Do you sit in front chair look at computer all the time? Start feel tight on your shoulder? How about start to move around, start a little exercise! you will feel much better after that, and more energy from it. : ) _______ Happy 100 Day–5 身心運動 平時一直坐在電腦前的您, […]


Happy 100 day —5 Enemy to friend

Happy 100 Day – 4 Enemy to friend Get along with your enemy, It not going to help you for make more enemy, how about help out your enemy, make friend to your enemy, and we work on goal together. ______ Happy 100 Day–4 化敵為友 和你的敵人和好吧!好好相處吧 為自己樹立敵人沒有幫助的,不如當個朋友, 兩個一起為眼前的目標努力吧!

Happy 100 day–Day 4: Compliment

Compliment to other Compliment someone is wearing today really suited him, Compliment someone had awesome work today. Compliment someone looks great today. I believe you can bring them a good day, and you can also bring your own happiness. Also gives you a lot of great things. Start to try it everyday! ; ) Happy […]

happy day 03

Happy 100 day—Day 3 : Think opposite!

We used to see apple is red, banana is yellow, table is square, moon is round. Used to it make us think less, then we miss the interesting part of life! What if apple can be green and red at the same time? What do you feel about that? I think would be great decoration […]


Happy 100 day—–Day 2 : Write a letter

Write a letter to your friend who you miss a lot, someone you had a misunderstand before, someone you had a cold war before, someone was close to you before, someone help you out before, Ask them how have you been? Show your care, then your get big surprise back from them. Also you will […]