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[New Project] Step By Step Making Your Dress On Weekend.

Hi, Beautiful creator! How you doing today Love to see you here, I hope you love my last post [How to choose right material for your project]. I have a new project is [Step by step making Japanese style linen dress on weekend working title now)] is one of my best seller patterns, and I would […]


5 Valentine Craft You Can Start Today

After New Year, Valentine just right in the corner, Have you thought about start to make some unique present for your lover? Here's some cool idea you can start with. 1. Bow tie You can make a special bow tie for your own, you can even put a little message in the back by embroidery or […]


We love to hear from you!

Can you do me a favor, please? We love to hear what you think, that will be great! Just simple 6 question, won't take you more than 3 minutes! Thank you so much!  Have a great day! Ruby 載入中…

Happy banner from TastefullyMismatched

Personaly I like to hang some colorful decoration on the wall, like post card, fabic or banner like TastefullyMismatched, it's great for party. holiday or some special occation! I love the color of TastefullyMismatched made it, it's just bright and cheerful. Why won't you want one? So we invite TastefullyMismatched share her handmade life with us, I hope […]