Cheap way to screen print at home!

IMG_7836 I think I share my experience of Spreedball screen print set last blog, you can check on here!

One of thing I like to screen print a lot is when you make screen, then you can print a lot of time and on lot of stuff, any thing have flat and even surface you can screen print on.

But one of the problem is, every single time you need to get a new screen or wash off and do it the process again, specially sometime you just want try some new design to see how it goes on your product, here’s way you can do it!

But before that, still have some good and bad.

# Cons:

1. some time you only can print 1 time, if your change different material maybe would print more than 1.

2. You need really wood good squeegee, can make ink get it on the surface more even.

3. It’s take some time to make design.

4. It won’t work on too complicated design.

# Pros:

1. It’s cheaper to buy a whole wood screen if you not sure the design would work or not.

2. Easy and fast.

3. If the design not work for you, you would waste time to wash off screen and do all it again.

4. If your design like word and simple shape(like heart, square…) it’s really easy to start.

—— HERE WE GO —–

1. Get some commercial from the mailbox you have or like grocery store.

2. And use your pen to draw design on the paper and take knife to start to cut it.

3. Put the paper under screen frame, make sure you put in the right side, otherwise the word or design would come out opposite way.


4. Push you squeegee really hard and move up and down and right and left, make sure the ink is cover evenly on the surface.

5. Take screen out gently, then you can see the design! It will come out kind of vintage looking, because the material use and how evenly you put your ink on.



# Note: Paper material will get lot of ink from it, that way would waste lot of your ink, and you only can use one time , so you can consider to use like Positive film for the design, but make sure you take it on the screen before you print it, then it won’t move around when you are printing your design.

I will show you guys how to do it next time. Thanks for your reading!

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