Lesson 1: How to Sell your handmade design online

My name is Ruby, I've been selling my design online for almost 4 years now, and I would love to show you guys all the tips I learn these couple year for help you set up your business easier.

Find out WHY?

WHY your want to sell your design?

My answer is:

1. I want to show more people of my work.

2. I want to do this for my living because I love it.

3. It feels good when someone like it.

What's yours?  Make a list at least 3 and dig deeper.

Your WHY:

1. __________________

2. __________________


Here's comom doubt peopel having:

1. I not sure my design will sell.

2. I don't know how to set up, and tech kind of stuff.

3. I don't have money and time to invest.

Which one is your doubt? Or all three is the one you still hiding your awesome talent at home still?


First: I not sure my design will sell.

Why don't just try out then figure, I was scared when I start out too, but I just thought NOT THING I WILL LOSE TO TRY, and I super glad I did, because selling design online totally change my life.

If you decide to hide at home all the time, too not share your talent to the world. no one will find out, and someone will take your place because they step outside they comfort zone.


Second : I don't know how to set up, and tech kind of stuff.

Google it, search in youtube, have tons of FREE tutorial for helping you set up your shop, and this year internet making all the thing much easier than when I start out, so please don't make this to your excuse. What if I say I will record a video STEP BY STEP to show you how to set up your shop in an hour? Are you in??? I though you nodding your head, that's right, go sign up here, I show you on lesson 4.


Third:   I don't have money and time to invest.

I want you to check out your wallet right now. if you can find 20 cents in your pocket, then you are good to go! Set one listing item is 20 cent on Etsy for 4 months if you didn't sell it. So 4 design is 80 cent, is not even a dollar! Save up some of your snack or ice cream you have tons of money to list your design.

Okay if you plan to tell me you don't have 20 cents, fine! facebook page is FREE to create, set up a fans page, invite your friend, family to join and share, you can selling your design there. By the way, Facebook + Paypal account both are FREE. Now, money shouldn't stop you.

Here's tool your will need:

1. Your super passion.

2. Computer. (Borrow from friend or use in library for free to start our.)

3. Camera (No matter is $20 dollars kind ) or smartphone.

4. Interne. (Libray or coffee shop free wifi)

What's your biggest struggle or doubt to start it? comment below to let me know, I will help you unlock!!