Marketresearchforyour store

Lesson 2: Market research for your shop

What's your specialty or passion about, I'm super passion of design, handmade and sewing, that's why I start selling my own design clothes online. And I did not do any homework, just make them and sell it online and the art market. I'm kind like a person thinking of something and just go for it, and here's number 1 mistake.

That's named your brand for selling, is super IMPORTANT! so take your time to decide, but don't take too long.  


A Little guide for your to start.
Here's the hard part, cause you have 3 option for the most:
1. Personal name – Channel,  Louis Vuitton
2. Product relates name: The Body Shop, 
3. Made name: Nike, MT Shop

What am I going to sell:
1. Handmade clothes
2. Bags – Tote bag, camera bag, etc….
3. Accessories – necklace….

What you are going to sell:
1. ________________

+ Be a little wide category is good for you, so you have the chance to reach more customer.
(Example: If you are selling T-shirt design, plan to expand to coffee mug, tote bag or pillow case.)


What's similar brand in the market already? What's good and bad?
Your similar niche brand is:

What's your simliar niche?



Find out 2 – 4 thing your brand will stand out:
Ex: Material (Nature, organic?)  | Design: what's style (Photo shoot will help your stand out) |How you Marketing


Why do market research?
Reason: 1. Make sure you have the market for your design?
2. How to stand out?
3. Who is your competitor?
4. What kind of marketing will help you get out there?
and much more.

I made a little worksheet for you guys can fill the form much easier and now you don't have excuse not do research now.

Marketresearchforyour store