Top 5 Graphic designer I Love!

Today I want share some of the graphic designer I love and I've sign up there mail list join their facebook all kind of thing, love their work, and you might too.

1. Lotta Jansdotter

You can find lot of work of hers, i love her book also. You can find her work on fabric, notebook, clothes, lot of place, and the pattern she make just adorable and she have some workshop event you can join, but it's pretty far away from me, never join before, but I bet will be lot of fun!

螢幕快照 2015-06-03 11.17.58 PMgallery(Picture from her site)

2.Satou Kashiwa

He's creative director , art director and a professor and also an author in Japan, quite a busy title for him, to be honest I know he's work later I should be, till one day I read his book see his work and all the behind the sceen, start really admire him a lot, he is also a Uniqlo Logo designer. I will definitely recommend eveyone to check on his site.


31(Picture from google image)

3. Mina perhonen

Each single of their pattern design make me think I'm in side a forest just like a fairy tale, and I thought they all from a female desginer, turn out he is a cute and shy desginer from Japan. Too bad I can afford any off his clothes design, but I own his book from Taiwan, collect all of his work, and I'm totolly satisfied.

0125(Picture from his own site.)

4.  I Love Doodle

I find him from threaless, a site with lot of creative designer sell their design, and threadless choose them make t-shirt to sell. His design are simple, meaningful and cute at the same time, sometime just give me a liile smile starting a day! Go check on his site, you're going to love it!

螢幕快照 2015-06-03 11.35.21 PM(From his own site)

5. Gemma Correll

Just in case you don't know I'm a big fan of animals, I talk about them quite often, join buch of animal group, that why I found this designer! Too cute and make me laugh sometime. Black and white drawing seens like one of her style to recongize her work. If you a pug lover, you probably already know her more than I do. (Smile)

螢幕快照 2015-06-03 11.43.53 PM(From her own site)

I hope you will like the list, and I would love you share with me which designer you love in the comment blew.

Thank you! Have a great day!