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How I start sewing…

When I was five, my mom would go shop some cute fabric to make dress for me and my sister, and we just sit around her and play with the extra material, and of course make a giant mess ( <—kind of mine specialty ) Even till I’m 27 now I remember all this in my mind, I have so much fun back then. I guess that why I love Handmade so much because I grow up with DIY environment, so I choose to studies Fashion Design when I go the college, let me tell you it’s much harder than I expect it, I learn so much and create so much, the whole time in college I feel like is a big brainstorm testing and physical trading, we stay up so late (or so early ) to make project to looks nice, no matter is finished personal project or group project are all challenges.

And one day I get invite to teach handmade sewing, and making your own stamp in a small art store with some workshop on the weekend, all the sudden I find out I love TEACHING, creating and design. I enjoy to help out my student to learn and process thing they learn and so happy the find out helpful or have fun in my class, that why I start thinking maybe I can teach people who love to handmade, no matter is a hobby, skill or for a job. Because back to when I was in second grade of hight school, I decide to studies Fashion design for my future, but I find so few training out there, I can find books or magazine, but hard to find some video course to learn each single detail of making your dress, and I get really frustrated.

So I wait till I get in college, that how I learn all this:

How to make my own pattern.
How to sew the skirt, pants, shirt, dress, coat and much more.
How I know the material will affect your outcome project.
And of course much more….

Do you want to know the most important lesson I learn all this year of sewing? Will save you lot of money and time, I would like to tell yours in the next one.

Let me know if you have any question for me, I would love to help.

Have a good week.