I Love Speedball screen print kit!


I got a special gift from my husband on my 25 yrd BDay. I do a lot of screen print when I live in Taiwan, and screen print supplies are really cheap in there compare in US, so since I move to here, I just can't buy more profession kind, but I find a really good deal on Amazon here, and I actually quite like it. Let me show you.

Speedball screen print kit here (More detail can click here)

I only recommend this one have small budget or someone just start to learn screen print, if you are already to start a  screen print business here, then this won't be good for you. (I Recommend the other screen print set can get star with. )



my husband get Amazon prime cuz have FREE 2 day shipping (over $35 dollars) I guess he forgot my BDay so got to order in rush, just kidding. If you like to get your order fast I will definitely get Amazon PRIME  and have some free movie and TV show on their APP, also you have 30 day FREE TRAIL anyway, so why not?


I open my box, they got pretty much any thing.

IMG_7835 IMG_7838

Here's things they include to get start! even you never done any screen print before they got a manual you can learn, it's really not that hard.

++  Here's list they have ++

Wood screen fame x1

Fabric ink – blue x1 , red x1 , black x1

paint blush x1

Drawing fluid x1

Diazo photo emulsion x1

photo emulsion remover x1

screen filler x1

Sensitizer x1

9'' plastic squeegee x1

IMG_7840 IMG_7850 IMG_7851 IMG_7844

Only thing I don't like is they don't have wood squeegee , it would be must easier to make ink on the fabric perfectly, make sure which size is fit for your screen frame, then it will work better for you.

Also they don't have positive film / inkjet film, so if you have more complicated design would be hard not to use that.

That's all other than that, I'm really happy and enjoy this screen print kit here.  Next time I will should you my first print work. (my first print in US)

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I like to share the thing I used before and think is good for someone who needs. Those link is an affiliate, means I'll get a little pay by referrals if you buy it , but if you prefer to get it from somewhere else it's totally fine too.  Thanks!