5 Japanese Style Sewing Pattern Book You Will Love

First of all if you love casual and elegant looking style of dress or shirt, you might fall in love with a lot of Japanese style dress sewing pattern, just like me! And today I want share with y'all some of the Japanese sewing book you must have, and you will love them, love love love, because it's really good so I said it three times. I'm really excited to share with you all here.

1. Cotton Friend

A magazine from Japan, 4 issue per year, I love them so much when I in Taiwan, it's really easy to get and reasonable price, and they are getting really popular couple years ago have Chinese version! (Oh yeah!) Now even China have their own version too.

Magazine include most of their design, usually contain 2 big page of pattern, and you need to find the way to find the design you want, in the magazine have direction. Usually will have dress, T-shirt, Shirt, Pants , bags, small , skirt, and  accessories design, really basic and classic design most of time, and they use cotton or linen material a lot.

It's not easy to get corrent issue in US, if you have friends or family are oversea, ,maybe can ask them order for you and send it to you, shipping won't be cheap, but quite worthy. Or you can order some older issue from Amazon here, they ususlly ship from Japan might take a while to be here.

Compare Chinese version and Japanese version, I love orginal one more, even I can't understand their language, just the way it is, so if you understand Japanese, you have bless!

照片 1

照片 2

照片 4

照片 3

2.Stylish Dress Book 

By: Yoshiko Tsukiori

Have 26 patterns of dress or long shirt, really cute design, they include the pattern in the back. Thanks for TUTTLE publishment to translate Japanese to English and selling in US, love Japanese pattern design people in US have chance to get it much eailer and with really good price.

More collection you can check on Amazon or TUTTLE publishing.

照片 4-1照片 5-1照片 1-2

3. Casual Sweet CLothes

By: Noriko Sasahara

I find this book at half price book store, just fall in love with it, a little bit more mature than the second book, but still have some classic design like skirt, dress, shirt, vest, pants and coat design, if you prefer a little bit more neutral drsign, might be a great choose for you. 

Including 1:1 size in the back and simple tutorial in the back of the book, great for starter or people love Japanese style design.

You can get from Amazon here, or check on your local half price book store.

照片 5照片 2-1照片 3-2照片 3-1照片 1-1

4. Clothes made of cotton and linen

By: Kyoko Sakauchi

I bought this one in Taiwan with Chinese verstion, and feel so regret didn't bring this book with me. If you are the one just start fall in love with cotton/ linen materail this is great book to understand them and with nature, elegant, classic design, you really will love it. too bad they don't have English version now, but it's worthy to try even is Japanese.

螢幕快照 2015-06-21 12.52.06 AM getImage (1) getImage (2) getImage (3) getImage

( I don't have all the picture, so I borrow some from Taiwan online bookstore here. You also can check on more inside page there.)

5. Sweet Dress Book

By Yoshiko Tsukiori

So far most of Japanese dress design are kind of baggy, loose, I think is great because can hide my belly, but in the other way show more soft and elegant side of the woman. I love this cover with bright red shirt, you can see couple picture from Amazon they provide, looks like really easy to start with.

Including 23 pattern inside with in $14+ dollars which is really really resonable price, I think you all will enjoy this.

螢幕快照 2015-06-21 12.56.42 AM 螢幕快照 2015-06-21 12.56.58 AM 螢幕快照 2015-06-21 12.57.12 AM 螢幕快照 2015-06-21 12.57.21 AM 螢幕快照 2015-06-21 12.57.30 AM( Picture from Amazon )

More selection you can find here:


Tell us what book you like the most, or other book you recommend in the below comment area, thank you!

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