[New Project] Step By Step Making Your Dress On Weekend.

Hi, Beautiful creator!
How you doing today
Love to see you here, I hope you love my last post [How to choose right material for your project].

I have a new project is [Step by step making Japanese style linen dress on weekend working title now)] is one of my best seller patterns, and I would love to turn into video course to show exactly how I put them together.

But I want to double check before I create this course, to make sure have the right information you need.

This course will fix that by taking you by the hand and show you the most incredible power of handmade sewing.

This is how it'll work.
Step 1: I will show you how to get right material. (Where I shop and how I shop)
Step 2: How to print digital pattern, get to know all the symbol mean.
Step 3: How to cut your fabric in the right way, and save fabric and money!
Step 4: 
a.How to sew small design detail.
b.How to sew pockets on in 2 minutes.
c.Connect front and back pattern together.
d.How to sew your beautiful sleeves on, and not going insane!
Step 5: Lastly, I'll compile all that into one super pretty course that you can take with you as your super sewing guide.
Oh! We'll also have a facebook community where you can share your favorite handmade tools or chat with other passion of handmade like you.

This is the project I've been wanting to do since I start my blog 2 years ago. I want to show people how they can make their dress without any advance training or need to know the profession term to start it.
It will be at least 2-4 hours long video course.
+++ All this will include digital sewing pattern, checklist and all the video you can download to your computer after the 30-day return policy. (Just try to protect my content.) +++


螢幕快照 2016-02-23 10.57.34 PM

So this is where I need your help!
In order to make this course, I want to ensure this is something that you actually want!
Do you?
If so, I'm pre-selling the video course for next couple days.
If 8 people sign up, I'll create this awesome video course.
If not, I won't (which would be sad 🙁
Want to force me to create a cool video course?
You can pre-order the course by clicking here. (Will super encourage me!!)
When this course comes out, it will cost $85.
But if you pre-order right now, you can get if for $29.99, and lot of bonus for FREE.
And you'll get all that extra stuff, and see how I create all along. (It will be in a private FB group.)
Are you in?
Would love to have you be part of making this happen.


– Ruby

PS: You not a sewer? How about join this can be a gift to your friend or family when the course comes out.
And if the course goes will I'll take the concept to create another handmade course. Maybe something you love!
As an early adapter, you'll get my next digital sewing pattern for FREE. BOOM!
PPS: I expect to deliver the first video of this course on April 10th 2016.
Other questions?
Hit reply and let's chat!

Have a good one!