A Happy Christmas!! Okay It's happy but kind of head-ache too, because got to find some special gift for your friend, family or lover. Like me I need to find gift for my parents, neice and lot more (you don't want to know.) Sound like a lot, so I need to set my budget for the presents, that look what I find here!

1. Leather wallet

I bought one leather wallet one time for my husband for birthday gift, and he still use it now. Useful and a great gift. (Not in the picture one.)


2. Cologne

A smell help us remember some memberies, a good mans cologne make your men more attractive!



3. Custom stamp

A special and only one gift he will have, custom by the picture you gave the designer, and make it to special stamp to put on paper or other good gift 2.



4. Tie

Kind of old style and not that creative ideas! But for some of office worker is really useful!



5. Shoes

Sport shoes is great for work out or go out have fun, formal shoes is great for good occation.



6. Watch

Okay most people probably not going to wear watch so often now, but still useful and a good accessories for men.


7.Nice T-shirt

Use T-shirt send a nice or funny message to them will be fun thing to do!


Author: Ruby