Make you own T-shirt less than 1 hour

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Here’s come with the decision, choose a right commerce platform will help you grow your business. Finding your best platform might take some time to figure out, but try out one at least stick with them for half a year before you decide to move to another one.

Here’s couple reason you need to consider before you choose one:

1.Are you a tech person?
To be honest, when I just start up,

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What's your specialty or passion about, I'm super passion of design, handmade and sewing, that's why I start selling my own design clothes online. And I did not do any homework, just make them and sell it online and the art market. I'm kind like a person thinking of something and just go for it, and here's number 1 mistake.

That's named your brand for selling, is super IMPORTANT! so take your time to decide,

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Hello! Since my last Tote bag workshop it’s been a while, I was working on my Japanese style linen dress course this mean time, and we are moving to a beautiful apartment I am dreaming about, so it’s been really busy for me. But I love to teach and hang out with guys, so I love to make one more workshop of making your own T-shirt on the weekend,

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I want to thank you guys join me last weekend of making your tote bag online workshop last weekend. I love it! I love to teach and see people successful making their own project. it was a lot of FUN to me! So I would love to do it again! But before that, I want to know what would you like to learn, so  I can create next workshop special for you guys!

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My name is Ruby, I've been selling my design online for almost 4 years now, and I would love to show you guys all the tips I learn these couple year for help you set up your business easier.

Find out WHY?

WHY your want to sell your design?

My answer is:

1. I want to show more people of my work.

2. I want to do this for my living because I love it.

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With the new machine, always take the time to get adjust, just like meet new friends!
So what should we do to get warm up? Let's get start it.

Step 1 : Threading for the machine – Upper threading

Super easy.just follow the direction on the machine, they have the number you can tell. The hard part here is the new design for auto threading needle that part, for people don't have good eyes like me is plus.

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Hi, Beautiful creator!
How you doing today
Love to see you here, I hope you love my last post [How to choose right material for your project].

I have a new project is [Step by step making Japanese style linen dress on weekend working title now)] is one of my best seller patterns, and I would love to turn into video course to show exactly how I put them together.

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Pick up some fun project is fun and exciting, but if the project result didn't turn out the way you want is disappointed. To cut down the disappointment, I have little practice will help you get the right one!

1. What it for?
The first question ask what it for?
For clothes? Start with cotton. linen won't go wrong.
For Bag? Start with canvas, denim.

IMG_1598 IMG_1599



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This Model is Brother XL- 2600I

1. Bobbin winder: This winds the thread onto the bobbin for use as the lower thread.

2. Spool pin: This holds the spool of thread.

3. Thread guide: This is used when winding the thread onto the bobbin and then threading the machine.

4. Thread take-up lever

5. Hole for extra spool pin: This holds a second spool of thread for sewing with the twin needle


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