Hi, everyone! I would like to show you how to make your own tote bag in the couple week, this workshop is free, feel free to invite your friends to join with you also. It’s going to fun and you can just finish this project in 2 hours! Join us here before the seat is full.


Tote bag workshop

tote bag

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You have a deep passion for something like handmade, design, art, craft or else, and you hoping can turn your little hobby into a business, work you love, living the life your dream? Sounds awesome, that's exactly what I want to do too! But HOW?

I have about more than 4 years selling handmade design online, and I want to show you all the tips and mistake I made so you can set up your business easier and faster!

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Who can make the tissue case that cute and creative, if you like a animal lover, you will love Sparkly Pony. I never seen tiny boyfriend box and tiny zombie in the box, how cool is that? I want to share with all of you how cool this designer create Sparly Pony…..


Q: Would you share with us how you started to create your artwork?

I have loved to draw, build, and create things since I was a small child.
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After New Year, Valentine just right in the corner, Have you thought about start to make some unique present for your lover? Here's some cool idea you can start with.

1. Bow tie

You can make a special bow tie for your own, you can even put a little message in the back by embroidery or handmade stitch, make it even better.


Tutorial 1


Tutorial 2


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Story behind Truvelle

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Every girl have a dream to be the most beautiful princess in her big day, Truvelle made their dream can true and one and only. Custom made to fit you, each single piece have their story to tell…. and I want to share with you all the talent designer Gaby how she create all of this amazing gown/dress.


What's a story behind your brand?

Truvelle happened organically, stemming from my experience at my mum’s custom dress shop.

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6 Best Place To Learn Sewing Online

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The internet is like a new to me, I learn so much browse online each single day. A lot of people have a designer dream (so do I, that's why I major in Fashion design) but what if you have a full-time job, 4 kids at home or some other things keep you busy, but inside of you just want to learn to sew and hard to resist that calling. Then thanks for the Internet,

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kaboompics.com_Detail of open magazine

1. Love to share:

just like when you find a good restaurant, you want to tell all the people you know, even bring them to go next time. Exactly when I see a beautiful design.

2.Lot of designer don't know how to promote themselves :

l learn fashion design, back them I only know to focus on doing the best design I can, and think one day maybe I get lucky,

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What I’ve been work on…

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Hi everyone
Long time no see, you must thinking where Ruby goes? What's going on here. I'm glad I'm back now. I was working on a store design name The Boba shop, if you know me, my background is fashion design, so this is my first time to do interior design for a shop, it's really excited and stressful at the same time, but I'm really enjoy all the moment I had.

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First of all if you love casual and elegant looking style of dress or shirt, you might fall in love with a lot of Japanese style dress sewing pattern, just like me! And today I want share with y'all some of the Japanese sewing book you must have, and you will love them, love love love, because it's really good so I said it three times. I'm really excited to share with you all here.

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