Hey if you have a friend work at design industry, then you will understand what I mean in this post, or you probably are a designer also right. but did you know we have some kind personality kind of bother us or friend around us?

Here's my confession, what about yours?

1. Color control

Have a period time I love my stuff red, like I will choose my straw, notebook, case or blanket…. red color if I can get it, but I over that one now, just change to be white.

2. Setting control

My working table need to be some place I want, like near by window and got to have nature light, that the 2 thing I must have. Beside that if I hang my poster or something eles on the wall, need to be straight and clean, otherwise it's going to bother me.









Because my job and my personal interest, I love to buy books, magazine and material for my work, it's addiction I can't get rid off.



When I design something or create something, my table or work area definitely is like a gaint mess, to be honest I like work that way, and make me feel more freedom to create something I love, but after that I usually will clean up. 




5. Like to try somthing new

If that reataurant come out some dish new, I will like to try it, new flavor of tea? Some great, let's try it. Even it might taste bad, but I won't be afraid to try it, it's just fun! 










6. Picture

I like to take pictures, expecially when I go out to eat, I like to take dish I order, drink they make, the decoration store setting, I'm look like a tourist for other people, but I don't mind, just like to record this thing around me.


7. Don't like phone

Don't like to talk on the phone or bring the phone with you, so friends and family have trouble to find you, it's not I do that on purpose. I just forgot all the time, and I really don't like to people talk to long on the phone so much, you might get my texting more often then phone call.


8. Time

This is not mine, it's from my friends in same industry, something we think about excited thing to do and dicuss when is good to do that, they don't have answer or tell you when ever I wake up. Or when you ask them out, they are usually late, sometime they forgot the time, somtime they just don't know what day they live in.

9. Recording

You might see me drawing on the napkin or tiny peice of paper I have in the restaurant when you try to speaking to me, I'm sorry I'm not try to be rude. sometime a dialogue or a scene trigger us of great inspiratiom we don't want to forget about it. But I'm still listening to you.

10. We talk our project to much

The thing we work on, no matter is going good or bad, we can't help it want to share with our friends and hoping you can think about something can help out or cheer up with us.


Do you have some kind of artist personality you want to share with us? Tell me in the comment. thanks!





Author: Ruby