How to set up sewing studio in small budget

Get free sewing pattern here.

Here’s how I set up my tiny sewing studio inside 700 square feet apartment in Texas, all cost around $100 dollars, let see what it is:
1. Ikea table | $35 with leg
2. Thread organizer | from Walmart ($10+) but you also can get it on Amazon.
3. Iron machine $8 from Walmart ($10+) but you also can get it on Amazon.
4. Sewing tool boxes $25 dollars, WalMart but you also can get it similar on Amazon.
5. File box $2.99 – 3.99 don’t remember from ikea.
6. Mason jar half dozen from the grocery store around $9.
7. Flower vase (FFRE from the chocolate container.)
8. Flower $0.97 per one from Walmart.
9. Iron stand with my mother in law, so it’s free, but you also can get used from garage sale or on Amazon:

So here’s my total cost: $128, not include my sewing machine, but if you can find second-hand stuff, you can even lower your budget!

Let me know what you think in the comment, thanks!!
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