Have you thought about to learn sewing to create your own design?
Do you like to start to make your own clothes?
Do you dream of having unique dress no one else have?

I will show you STEP BY STEP from the beginning to finish your dress, just one day on the weekend you can make your own special dress! I will show you the easy and fun way to make this craft course achievable. And you will be proud of yourself when you finish!!

This is pre-order, you will receive checklist to get tools ready for course, all the video course will start on March 10 2016.

Who's The Teacher?

About Ruby Murphy

Hi, y'all!
My name is Ruby, I've been sewing since I'm 15 years old, love to create my own unique things, that's why I decide to major in fashion design when I in college. After graduated I create a small studio of my own clothing line in Taiwan, and teach some handmade course side, and find out I love teaching what I passion about, so I would love to be your teacher to start sewing!

What Will You Learn From This Course?

Want To Finish All This By Your Own?


Have any queston?

Here are common question we got from our customer, it might help you to know more.

  • When the course will start?

    A: The course will start on March 10, 2016, this is pre-order to get 20% off for the course, after your purchasing, you will get a checklist to get tools all set before it starts.

  • How much addition will cost me?

    A: You will need a simple sewing machine. some fabric and needle basic tools, I will say about $30 dollars for fabric and material cost (Not include sewing/serger machine) depend on your what kind of material you choose.

  • Q: How Long the course will take?

    A: Each course is about an hour long, we have 4 courses, it will be around 4 hours long.

  • Q: If I am a beginner, would I be fit in this course?

    A: YES! We teach you to step by step, from knowing the material to get fabric and sewing. Also, you can access this course 24/7 so you can take as long you need to learn how to create your own special dress.

  • Q: Will it have a money back guarantee?

    A: Yes, for this super detail course, if it’s not for you, we have 30 days money back guarantee, email to our customer support, we will give you money back.

  • How much support I get?

    We will have private group for you to join, and we will answer your question the best I can, and if you need to reach us by email, you can say hi here:

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