[Sew Fun Course Day 1] Know your sewing Machine


This Model is Brother XL- 2600I

1. Bobbin winder: This winds the thread onto the bobbin for use as the lower thread.

2. Spool pin: This holds the spool of thread.

3. Thread guide: This is used when winding the thread onto the bobbin and then threading the machine.

4. Thread take-up lever

5. Hole for extra spool pin: This holds a second spool of thread for sewing with the twin needle

6. Stitch width dial: This controls the stitch width

7.  Upper tension control dial: This controls the tension of the upper thread

8.  Thread cutter:  Pass the threads through the cutter to cut them.

9. Needle threader: This is only available on certain models.

10. Quick-set bobbin:  This is only available on certain models.

11.  Flat bed attachment with accessory compartment.

12. Presser foot

13. Reverse sewing lever

14. Pattern selection dial: You can turn this in either direction to choose the stitch you want.

15. Stitch length dialThis controls the stitch length.

16.  Buttonhole fine-adjustment screw.

17.  Handwheel: Used to manually raise and lower the needle.

18. Main power and sewing light switch: You can turn the main power and sewing light switch on and off.

19. Foot controller jack/socket: Plug in the foot controller plug and connect the machine to the power supply.

20. Presser foot lever: Used to raise and lower the presser foot.

21.  Buttonhole lever (1-Step automatic buttonhole) : Lower the buttonhole lever when sewing buttonholes.

22.  Foot controller: You can use this to control the sewing speed, and t() start and stop sewing. 

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sewing tool

Accessories include

  1. Needle pack (regular single needle HAX130 x 3pcs)
  2. Twin Needle x1pcs
  3. Narrow Hemmer Foot | SA127
  4. Quilting foot
  5. Button swing foot x1
  6. Zipper foot x1
  7. Bobbin x3pcs
  8. Darning Plate x 1pcs
  9. Extra Spool Pin x 1pcs
  10. Screwdriver x 1pcs
  11. Buttonhole foot x1pcs


Hope all this intro help you warm up a little bit, comment below if you like it!;))

# Resource from My Brother sewing machine Manual.