Choose your fabric

[Sew Fun Course Day 2] How to choose fabric for your project?

Pick up some fun project is fun and exciting, but if the project result didn't turn out the way you want is disappointed. To cut down the disappointment, I have little practice will help you get the right one!

1. What it for?
The first question ask what it for?
For clothes? Start with cotton. linen won't go wrong.
For Bag? Start with canvas, denim.

IMG_1598 IMG_1599


2. What kind of feel do you want to create?
Elegant soft or feminine —-> Thin, lightweight soft cotton, linen or knit.
Neutral —-> Mid-weight gray, blue, or nature texture, cotton, linen, polyester.
Future looking—-> Sharp and new texture, silver, navy blue, or gold.

IMG_1606 IMG_1610

3. Visualize
It takes the practice of this one, but I will recommend you can get a piece paper, draw your design you plan to make, use scissors to cut it out, and they put fabric under that paper, then it will give you a picture of finish looking.


4. Collect them each time you have a project.
Collect small piece each fabric you have, size can be 10cm x 10cm or 5cm x 5cm doesn't not really matter, just keep organize on a hard paper. You can go get a sketch book or print out this resource I create for you to keep your fabric in the place!