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Thinking back to my teenage life, I'm was pretty sure I want to go design school after my graduated, something inside just keep pulling me to that direction, and I never look back, I feel I made my best choose ever! And now I finally figure out some of the reason make me stay in design for so long, it's not something word peace (even I really wish) or some cheazy stuff, don't you worry about it.

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Hi there, I'm sell my handmade design couple years in Taiwan before I move to Texas, selling handmade thing is tough right? It's not what we thought that easy, so seen it's really my passion is, so I start to research to help my business, and I find out these book are really helpful, so if you are in this industry you need to check on this:

1. The Handmade Marketplace, 2nd Edition:

How to Sell Your Crafts Locally,
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IMG_7836 I think I share my experience of Spreedball screen print set last blog, you can check on here!

One of thing I like to screen print a lot is when you make screen, then you can print a lot of time and on lot of stuff, any thing have flat and even surface you can screen print on.

But one of the problem is,

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Here's  some book help me been through my graphic block, when I can't think about anything, I would just stop for a while , because keep pushing yourself is not really helping you sometime. Maybe those book would help you out too, just give a try!

1.Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative

By Austin Kleon           $ 6.46

螢幕快照 2014-06-28 10.56.29 AM

It's really easy to read,

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Here's some app to capture your inspiration any time any where you want, also find some inspiration when you need.

All the app I've been use a while and I think work the best for me, so you might like it 2.



Cost: Free

Extra service charge:$6.99+

I like they have different kind of blush and keep deferent notebook in order,

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Here's a cute banner can bring you home colorful and happy atmosphere, and it's easy and cheap to make, just need to take sometime of yours.


Material: Felt(2 colors) , scissors , needle and some thread



Project Time : 1 hours by sewing machine | 2 hours more by hand sewing


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If you buy things online a lot, then you will receive this kind of things often because they can protect the product and it's cheap!

Now we can use that one to make a beautiful gift wrap, won't just throw inside the trash can for waste.

Here we go:

+ Tools:


1. Recycle paper or news paper works 2.

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