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✄ My husband tries to find the way to save up space for our 700 ft apartment, and you know sewing takes a lot of space, so he comes out the little idea, so I have more space for the table to put my lock machine now, just want to share with yall.

Leave us to comment if you have any suggestion or questions, and I'll get back to you. 😀 
Happy sewing.

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In today’s video, I would like to show you how you can make elegant pencil skirt less than 1 hour, you don’t need pattern, and sewing skill, it’s very easy and it’s a classic wardrobe for your daily outfit, try them out have fun and I hope you will enjoy this training.

/// Tools you will need ///
1. Knit fabric = T-shirt fabric.
2. Waistband.

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I got a special gift from my husband on my 25 yrd BDay. I do a lot of screen print when I live in Taiwan, and screen print supplies are really cheap in there compare in US, so since I move to here, I just can't buy more profession kind, but I find a really good deal on Amazon here, and I actually quite like it. Let me show you.

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Here's a cute banner can bring you home colorful and happy atmosphere, and it's easy and cheap to make, just need to take sometime of yours.


Material: Felt(2 colors) , scissors , needle and some thread



Project Time : 1 hours by sewing machine | 2 hours more by hand sewing


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If you buy things online a lot, then you will receive this kind of things often because they can protect the product and it's cheap!

Now we can use that one to make a beautiful gift wrap, won't just throw inside the trash can for waste.

Here we go:

+ Tools:


1. Recycle paper or news paper works 2.

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