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Top 5 best seller dress pattern from madebymt

Hi everyone, I've been making for while, and since I born in Taiwan and get lot of influence of Japanese coulture and desgin, so since I get inside fashion design college, it's my dream come true, I'm finally can put all my creation in my mind so long to actual clothes! I'm organize my best […]


4 reason why we love Japanese style dress and shirt

1. Elegant It's always looks elegant, show the great side of yours. It's great with lot of occations. 2. Classic They won't go out date, even after 10 years, they still looks great! Like a T-shirt, never die. 3. Comfortable Usually Japanese style dress are kind of loose, not super tight, so it's easy move around, […]

5 Easy Key to make Japanese style shirt and dress

When I finally get inside fashion design school, I was so excited, but I find out I don't like to design most runway show that dramatic design, I'm prefer really simple and won't out of date kind, then I just fall in love with Japanese style design and culture, since then I was making most of […]