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2014-04-11 14.02.40

All my inspiration

  I am going to appreciate my little to angel, my daughter, Popcorn and my son, Pumpkin. Thank you all for bring me such joy. (including some trouble also : ) And all the inspiration you all give to me, and teach me be even better. I love you all forever and ever. ——- 我要感謝我家孩子:爆米花(女兒)和南瓜(兒子) 帶給我們這麼多美麗的時刻, […]


HAPPY 100 DAY—20 Release your bad mood.

▲▲▲::HAPPY 100 DAY—20  ▲▲▲ Release your bad mood. Who don't have bad time? We all have. But the important part is how your deal with it? You can try talk to your friend, family, or go play some game, find a good hobby to release your bad mood. We just like a normal people , all […]