tool you need to start sewing

Basic sewing tools and equipment you need to start (with low budget)

How to start sewing and what tool you need to start sewing.

I make a special checklist for you can download if you need to go the shop to purchased the tools you need to sew for your next project.
In this video, I show you how to start sewing with simple tools, with low budget to help you get your project done!



1.Basic sewing machine
It can be used/old one from eBay or Amazon, I have Brother X2600i which I love, but before I use Singer, awesome brand and high-quality machine.
Brother xl2600i
Singer sewing machine

2. Needle
Sewing needle recommends starting with number 9, 10 and 11.

Hand sew needle come with a lot of different sizes.
Sewing kit

3.Presser foot for sewing machine.
Usually, come with a sewing machine, but if you bought pre-owned may not come with it, make sure check what brand and what series to google it to buy one.
buttonhole I find out is very useful for me from my design.
4. Thread.
I recommend start with “all purpose” one to get start it, I like to get white and black for basic and gray for my project (I guess I love gray) which color you use the most of your fabric, just got one of those too.

5. Tailor chalk
Disappearing ink marker pen (After washing the mark will be gone.)

6. Fabric
Of course, otherwise, what are we going to sew? I always start with cotton and Linen for my top 2 choose, because they are easy to sew and looks good too.

7. Seam ripper
This will help you if you try to adjust the size of your clothes, or sometimes you make a mistake of sewing.

8. Scissors.
Fabric scissors/Thread scissors.
Or you can get all set to like this.

9. Sewing pin and cushion
Dressmaker pin
Pearlized head pin.
Magnet organizer

10. Sewing bobbins.
I love to have a case to keep them organize instead let them roll around all over.
Bobbin: Make sure they fit with your machine or get universal kind.

11. Iron machine.

12. Measurement tape.

13. Ruler.

Download your checklist.

Basic Tools For Sewing


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