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Top 5 best seller dress pattern from madebymt

Hi everyone, I've been making for while, and since I born in Taiwan and get lot of influence of Japanese coulture and desgin, so since I get inside fashion design college, it's my dream come true, I'm finally can put all my creation in my mind so long to actual clothes!

I'm organize my best 5 seller of my pattern design and share with all, and we got special for you in the end.

1. Elegant classic button linen dress | shirt


This is one of my favorite, it's classic looking, most importantly it's really comfy to wear, and the linen material it's make me feel not so hot even I wear in Summer. I made this dress to lot of color and cotton material also, and I gave one to my mom like a gift, she love it!


2. Elegant classic, Japanese style button linen Dress / Shirt


Back them my favorite design is don't need any zipper or buttom, but I collect lot of beautiful buttom in my milk jar, and I think it's such a waste not use them on my design, that how this dress born, same linen material I love and they fit great the top and easy to match with other outfit also.

3. Elegant classic Japanese style linen dropped Dress / Shirt

螢幕快照 2015-01-19 9.27.37 PM

I love this design is really loose, but you can tight a belt and will be totally diferent looking, and the drop shoulder design give you a little lay back and cozy looking, not that formal dress. easy to make for a beginner project also.

4. Classic, Japanese style high waist Dress / Shirt

螢幕快照 2015-01-19 9.30.36 PM

We call this kind of high wasit design for "baby style dress" in Taiwan, it's just cute and young looking, and it's actully quite easy to make for beginner, and this style it's common to see in teenager clothes design and I just like the young look.

5. Fit, comfy Tank shirt/Dress/T-shirt

tank dress pic-01

Honestly I think this set is best value so far, you make T-shirt , long dress, and normal dress, and with different kind of sleeves design, you can make it 6 style of this set pattern and only one price, pretty awesome.

# ## Good News ###

bundle pack-01

I'm really appreciate lot of customer let me do what I love to do now, let me share my design and art work with all, so I make 1 ~ 4 pattern to a special deal pack , it' s 25% off than the origianl price, and it's going to end in 4/10 2015, so if you like them, grab it now before back to retail price.

And we got some couple bonus for you to (of course) , if you not happy with our pattern, we will give you 14 days to return, no question ask, we will give back your money! there's no risk for you too be worry.

Check more detail here.