5 Valentine Craft You Can Start Today

After New Year, Valentine just right in the corner, Have you thought about start to make some unique present for your lover? Here's some cool idea you can start with.

1. Bow tie

You can make a special bow tie for your own, you can even put a little message in the back by embroidery or handmade stitch, make it even better.


Tutorial 1


Tutorial 2


2. Little book

Find this on Pinterest, just too cute to make me want to share to y'all.



3. You Are My Perfect Match

This is so creative, and cute looking, check out this tutorial to make them.

4. Valentines day tumble game


You can cheap Jenga (affiliate link ) in Walmart or Amazon, really easy to find in the most of the store, and change them to be a fun valentine gift.

5. Custom Shirt for your men


Go to Jo-an or Walmart, Michael's to choose a material to sew your shirt to your men will be a super unique gift for the year! (affiliate link)

The Little bonus of PDF printable valentine card here, it's cute and you can make it at home.


Click "Share" to your friend of this cute valentine idea! Thank you so much to join me today! You guys have the great day!