What I’ve been work on…

Hi everyone
Long time no see, you must thinking where Ruby goes? What's going on here. I'm glad I'm back now. I was working on a store design name The Boba shop, if you know me, my background is fashion design, so this is my first time to do interior design for a shop, it's really excited and stressful at the same time, but I'm really enjoy all the moment I had.

I'm work on the store sign and men design also, it's kind like a whole package of the brand design. If you don't know what's "Boba" is , let me tell you they are delicious and addict, it's like a tapioca ball in your drink with a big straw. People first time try think it's like a grumpy bear in their drink, kind of weird first try and then fall in love with them. They actually come from Taiwan, my home town. So how can I not love them.
Ok before I design all the thing for shop, I try to understand all the service and product they have, which is tea, coffee, smoothies and sandwiches, and let me think of lot of fruit, and nature color.
Want to see how they turn out, we actually have really tight budget and limited time to finish all the project, but they turn out just what I imagine, and I heard them say lot of customer love the amospher they create, I'm so glad people are enjoy the moment there. Hey if you come by Houston, maybe you should stop by to check them out.

Store sign

site logo 300

MENU design

menu2 NEW-01MENU-01


Inside design

照片 4

照片 5

照片 2

照片 3
What you guys think?

And every couple month they are planing to change design to refreshing the look, you don't want to miss it. And did I mention their drink are delicious. I will definety recommend boba cream tea, or watermelon smoothies you prefer. Don't be shy to share what you like! Enjoy.

照片 2照片 4The Boba Shop Store

Address: 3730 FM 2920 RD, SPRING, TX 77379

Phone: 832-823-5171