10 Fabric you need to know when you sewing

1. Cotton

Most common material, and use a lot of place, great for dress, shirt, skirt those project, 

+Application : Dress, shirt, skirt, home decor project….

+ Sewing needle suggestion : number 9~ 11


2. Linen

My one of favorite materil on the list, great for Summer and Winter also, I like the nature texture and touching, specially after the wash, they just getting softer and softer.

The bad side is get wrinkle a lot, shirnk a lot after wash, so need to iron quite often. Price isn't cheap either, but 

+Application : Dress, shirt, skirt, pants, home Decor, bags and more….

+ Sewing needle suggestion : number 9~ 11


3. Canvas

It's a great material to making bags, heavy duty stuff, some use on table cloth, appeal usually use on Jacket, pants 

They have different oz of the fabric, the number bigger means thinker. (Ex: 21 oz is much thinker than 12 ox )

+Application : bags , jackets , pants, heavy dutty and more….

+ Sewing needle suggestion :  around 12 – oz use number 11+ needle| 14oz or more use number 14+ needle


4. Polyester

Easy to get and cheap materail, feel kind of slippery, it's common to see mix with cotton to make the materil more flexiable.

+Application : T-shirt, skirt, work clothes, and more…..

+ Sewing needle suggestion : number 9~ 11


5. Silk

It's a lurxury fiber from long time ago, have nice and soft texture, not a easy material for beginner to practice.

+Application : party dress, night dress

+ Sewing needle suggestion : number 9 +


6. Sateen

Have glossy surface with dull back, not as easy to sew for beginner, it's kind of too slippery.

+Application : party dress, night dress

+ Sewing needle suggestion : number 9 +

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7. Denim

It's relly common and easy to get now, strong fabric made in twill with blue and white thread.

+Application : Jeans, jackets, bags, skirt, all depends on the fabric weight.

+ Sewing needle suggestion : number 11 ~ 14


8. Slinky knit

It's a two way streching fabric, beautiful draping and won't get wrinkle easily. 

+Application : dress, skirt, tops and lot more….

+ Sewing needle suggestion : number 9 ~ 11


9. Lace

It's a openwork cloth with different patterns design, some made by hand crocheted with a hook with a single yarn (tradtional way) but most of them made from embroiderd threas machine this day now.

+Application : bridal wear, kingerie, night dress, country style home decor, and more….

+ Sewing needle suggestion : number 9 ~ 11


10. Wool

It's a animal source fiber, warm and great texture material, but some of people have senstive skin contact with wool or animal material.

+Application : Sweater, knitting work, jacket, coat and more….

+ Sewing needle suggestion : number 9 ~ 11


If you like more of fabric and texture , here a great resource you can check on : Fabricdictionary